Students and teachers of the secondary education institution “Mario Vargas Llosa” of Los Ángeles de Eden are convoked for the secondary design workshop.

The objectives are the following:

  • Recognize the dynamics of secondary IE;
  • Understand the functions of complementary education spaces;
  • Analyse and prioritize the spaces that a multifunctional room can provide.

Activity I: Stroll through the EI

With the students of first and fifth grade separately, Semillas team took “a stroll” through the spaces of secondary education institution, conversing and understanding the use of complementary spaces, as well as its academic dynamics.

Activity II: IElements

Students are divided into second, third, and fourth grade in groups. Each group receives a combination of cards with names of the following education spaces and a blank area:

  • Science laboratory
  • Theatre
  • Auditorium
  • Cutting and manufacturing workshop
  • Music room
  • Presentation room
  • Library
  • Gymnasium
  • Open patio for training
  • Teacher lounge
  • Graduation party

For each card, students should indicate in the blank space what objects each one requires: number of chairs, tables, setting, projector… This activity is to understand the ideal school to implement from the student’s point of view.

After this first phrase, the groups should prioritize spaces according to importance, use, and necessity within the education institution.


Students prioritize the library, which allows them to research and find information when they have tasks to complete. The auditorium / presentation room, science laboratory, and cutting workshop continues in prioritization. Students understand presentation room as the same as an auditorium.

Some students reflected that the same space should serve for many activities: the presentation room could also be library and music room. Facilitators reflected with students about the multiple uses that a multifunctional room could have.

Photographic Report

Education Without Limits in Los Ángeles de Eden: Introduction | Construct IE | IElements

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