The organisations Semillas and VSP Generaciones have presented a construction project for the secondary education institution in Los Ángeles de Eden. However, the populated centre suffers from an internal conflict of territorial demarcation. Half of the populated centre’s residents are identified as residents of the Pangoa district, while as the other half is registered in the Mazamari district. The town is strongly divided politically, however physical space is shared.

This conflict is taken into account by the Ombudsman’s Office, which describes it in the following way:

Type of conflict: Territorial demarcation.
Case: Residents and authorities of the districts Pangoa and Mazamari maintain a historical controversy regarding their interdistrict limit. Pangoa is sceptical of the census reference maps, because it considers them to reduce their territory in favour of the Mazamari district.

As a result of the community’s fragile social situation, association Semillas established a project under the motto: “Education without limits” with activities that have the objective of uniting confronting parts regarding education as complementary through participative design workshops. Given the great influence that authorities have over rural residents, the following meetings have been established:

  • General assembly with district and local authorities to generate a uniting and collaborative agreement for the construction of secondary EI.
  • Meeting with local authorities to clarify the community’s doubts and fears regarding the construction project.

Objectives of the “Education Without Limits” process

Regarding conflict mediation:

  • Unite confronting parts regarding education, with the example and dedication of district and local authorities;
  • Generate a reflective process regarding conflicts between people and the importance of acceptance and coexistence with points of view and ideas different from our own;

Regarding design:

  • Evaluate, prioritize, and determine elements and spaces of the new secondary education institution;
  • Reflect upon construction models.

Photographic Report of the Community Assembly

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