Semillas is a non-profit organization based in Lima, Pangoa (Junín region) and San Ignacio (Cajamarca region) founded by Marta Maccaglia in 2014, after having the experiences of architectural and cooperation projects from 2011. We are an interdisciplinary team of national and international professional architects, specialists in cooperation projects, builders and artisans Young professionals join our team through internship programs.

The work of Semillas represents an array of successes ranging from a discovery of the jungle, putting on the map a territory that is usually forgotten or only seen for mining and oil exploitation, opening to discussion the importance of quality educational equipment reaching all the territories and questioning the importance of cultural values when proposing a project (…). Semillas now operates mostly in the jungle, but its action can easily reach all corners of Peru or anywhere in the world, because its job is to join forces and build common dreams. ” Al Borde – perfil Global Award for Sustainable Architecture.


Business name: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Semillas).
Address: Calle Perené 236, distrito de Pangoa, provincia Satipo, region Júnin.
Venues: Lima metropolitana, Cajamarca, Junin.
Tel: 984291841