Who are we?


Semillas is a non-profit organization based in Lima, Pangoa (Junín region) and San Ignacio (Cajamarca region) founded by Marta Maccaglia in 2014, after having the experiences of architectural and cooperation projects from 2011. We are an interdisciplinary team of national and international professional architects, specialists in cooperation projects, builders and artisans Young professionals join our team through internship programs.

The work of Semillas represents an array of successes ranging from a discovery of the jungle, putting on the map a territory that is usually forgotten or only seen for mining and oil exploitation, opening to discussion the importance of quality educational equipment reaching all the territories and questioning the importance of cultural values when proposing a project (…). Semillas now operates mostly in the jungle, but its action can easily reach all corners of Peru or anywhere in the world, because its job is to join forces and build common dreams. ” Al Borde – perfil Global Award for Sustainable Architecture.


Business name: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Semillas).
Address: Calle Perené 236, distrito de Pangoa, provincia Satipo, region Júnin.
Venues: Lima metropolitana, Cajamarca, Junin.
Contact: info@semillasperu.com
Tel: 984291841

What do we do?


We develop research projects, collaborating with governmental, non-governmental and educational entities. We believe that it is necessary to know and understand the territory and society in order to provide coherent spaces in line with the ethics and spirit of each location. We collaborate with universities in teaching projects, workshops, seminars and conferences as well as have interest in academic projects because we believe in education as the basis for human and community development. We develop architectural projects within a comprehensive development framework. We provide service to public and private entities in the design of educational, residential, and exhibition spaces, community centers, in addition to spaces of public, cultural and heritage interest.

Our philosophy

In our practice, we see architecture as a cultural expression and a means to improve people’s quality of life. We believe that cooperative work is the only way to forge development and create bases of equal rights and opportunities. After the built work, there are long processes of community participation in which the exchange of knowledge is promoted and valued. Additionally, we strengthen management and cooperative capacities and build the significance that we want to give to architecture. An architecture thought of and built locally, which seeks to place value on local resources, provide environmental comfort and revitalize the public space.

Partnership and financial mechanism


We work together with public, private institutions, multilateral and political organizations, sustainable socioeconomic systems that promote social equity and social inclusion in the built environment. In addition to receiving commissions from the public and private sector, we carry out architecture and cooperation projects thanks to the alliance of different national institutions (Ministries, Municipalities, Indigenous Associations, Environmental Preservation Institution, private companies) and international (financing and cooperating entities, with NGOs or foundations), accompanying the communities in a management process and economic sustainability strategies. This financing model celebrates cooperative work, in which each institution contributes from its social sphere in respect to its habitat and community voices.

Our team

Practis programs :
The Internship Program can last from 6 months to one year. From October to March and from April to September. We also receive internships of different specialties, from national and international universities, as well as from the Italian civil service. To apply, please send your motivation letter, curriculum, and portfolio up to 3 months before the start of the internship period to info@semillasperu.com.

Associate members:
Marta Maccaglia (Founder), Michele Albanelli, Ignacio Bosch, Estuardo Morales.
Team :
Marta Maccaglia, Giulia Perri, Susanna Olivieri.
Raul Ignacio Arancibia Donaire (Architecture), Esteban Ugaldes – VITAL (Electrical and sanitary engineering), Carlos Barreda (Structural engineering), Mario Mariano Enriques Pastrana (Psychology), Miriam Danne (Interinstitutional coordination), Carlos A. Mispireta Gálvez (Legal), Kurt Schmenger (Translation), Mayra Torreblanca Villanueva (Accounting), Gonzalo Díaz (Architecture), Marta Anducas (Web Programming).
Construction Team:
Javier Garcia Paucar (Builder), Elias Martinez Ramos (Carpenter).

Our interns:
2020 – Carla Deborah Patnett, Claudia Gualtieri, Delphine Courroye, Fabrizio Bancalari (Architecture),  Ana Fabiola Samaniego de Rycker (Anthropology). 2019 – Auriane Bonnault; Laura Alard, Elena Parnisari, Marilisa Galisai, Samanta Sinistri (Architecture). 2018 – Diego Saldarriaga (Architecture and anthropology); Susanna Olivieri, Giulia Perri (Architecture). 2016/2017 – Raffaela Ceparano, Matteo Penzo, Ilaria Pinto, Pamela Amadio (Architecture). 2015/2016 – Giuliana Miglierina, Martina Uda (Architecture).