A workshop to learn from the rainforest and its schools

Image 1: Travel group in primary Jerusalén de Miñaro school

Red Arquitectura is a national collective of young architects interested in promoting actions and proposals to decentralize the view of architecture and urbanism in Peru.

Once a year, the Red Arquitectura trip is organized where Semillas leads a tour of its schools built in the jungle. In this workshop, in addition to visiting the projects, immersion activities are developed in the territory, exercises are carried out based on Semillas methodology and talks are organized with different local actors and architects.

“Beautiful experience to learn and share hand in hand with the entire Semillas team visiting each of their projects and the communities around them; allowing us to reflect on educational architecture, coherent with resources and people, which together with other processes generates development and above all autonomy.”

Miguel E. Gómez Petti / director and founder of Red Arquitectura

Imagenes 2 and 3: Individual exercises and sharing

The call is open to all national and international architecture students and professionals. This 2023 we resumed the workshop that was postponed since the Pandemic and we were able to visit 6 projects in 3 days. During the tour of each school we share, learn and reflect. Moments of dialogue and debate are generated.

“It is a unique experience over the years in the various trips made, it is a window where we not only see the educational infrastructure built, but how it works within communities or population centers, for many a guide and reflection spaces to practice and academia within the career.”

Carmen Gutierrez / architect workshop coordinator

Imágenes 4 y 5: Dibujos de estudiantes

Many thanks to all the participants who joined us this year and we hope to continue accompanying more architects to discover the different ways of generating architecture in Peru.