Thanks to the interview by the Italian journalist Michele Cinque for RAI (Radiotelevisione Italiana), we remember how the architect Marta Maccaglia founded Semillas in 2014. The video talks about Semillas’ history and the first experiences in Peru: in Huaycan y (Ate,Lima) and Panoga (Satipo).

Marta Maccaglia founded Semillas after gaining experience with the construction of a nursery school in the village of Huaycán in 2011 and a secondary school in the Amazon community of Chuquibambilla in 2013. She founded Semillas in 2014 in the central rainforest of Perú.

Nursery School Wawa Wasi_Huaycan Ate, Lima (Perú) 2011

Secondary School Chuquibambilla_Pangoa, Satipo (Perú) 2013