We are proud to announce that the project “Primary and Secondary School G. Oberdan” in Terni (Italy), completed in 2016 in association with the Italian architecture studio Arquitectura DDA architetti, has won first prize in the contest “#SCUOLE INNOVATIVE.” This contest is sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Education and focuses on 51 different intervention sites around Italy. The goal of the contest was to propose ideas for an innovative school. This includes the architecture, engineering, technology, energy efficiency, and earthquake safety, while keeping in mind new educational settings and making the school accessible as a public space for the city.

In the Italian blog “edilportale”, the journalist Alessandra Marra remarks:

“According to a note of #Italiasicura, the new architecture developed for the contest is innovative and eco sustainable; it also harmoniously integrates security measures with innovation, including both diversities and weaknesses. The project spaces are multipurpose and allow for the experiences and activities of the new teaching but also serve as a place for students to meet and build relationships. The gyms encourage participation in sports and are open to the city. The new architecture can be a milestone for the urban setting but at the same time is integrated with an almost domestic quality. Transparency, from the streets to the interior and vice versa, is a fundamental quality of the project. Also vital is the capacity to develop relationships on walks, in rest areas, and in the multipurpose spaces. The relationship with nature is an essential element in the project, enriched by gardens, vegetable patches, and green roofs”.

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