TED Experience, Exhibition

Location: Convention Centre of University ESAN, Lima, Peru.
Year: 2019
Funding: University of Science and Arts of latina America (UCAL), Procesadora del sur S.A, CPS – Comunitá promozione sviluppo.
Organize: TEDx Tukuy 2019.
Architecture: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible.
Team: Marta Maccaglia, Marilisa Galisai (Architecture), Giulia Perri (Inphografic).
Carpenter: Jose Torrejón.
Construction team: Marta Maccaglia, Marilisa Galisai (Architecture), Giulia Perri (Inphografic)
Photography: © Semillas, © TED Tukuy.

The Semillas pavilion is a modular, versatile and portable structure that is inspired by the Peruvian jungle and made up of 4 basic pieces that can be organized to generate different panel configurations such as closed, linear or L-shaped.
The basic panel is a foldable and decomposable wooden structure made from “Tornillo” wood, a tree species from the areas of the central jungle of Peru. This exhibition panel is covered with a special cotton fabric dyed with the bark of the Pochotaroque, a tree species also from the central jungle of Peru which, depending on the time of extraction, generates different shades of colors. This fabric is used in the Asháninka, Amuesha-Yánesha, Matsiguenka and Yine indigenous communities, for their typical clothing, the cushma. The pavilion therefore, seeks to evoke through its colors and material qualities, the identity of the Amazon and its communities.
At the TED EXPERIENCES exhibition last September 2019 in Lima, photographs, infographics and videos on four topics were displayed and expressed through the architectural projects of Seeds Association developed in cooperation with the Ucal University, the NGO CPS – comunitá promozione sviluppo and Asociación Volcafe Speciality Perú (VSP) Generaciones. Local resources, educational space, cooperative work and an innovative academic project were the central focus of the exhibition.


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