Student Residence, Santa Elena

Location: Santa Elena village, Pangoa, Junin, Peru.
Year: 2019
Build area: 130 m2
Architecture: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible.
Funding: 8×1000 Chiesa Valdese, CPS – Comunitá Promozione Sviluppo, Crowdfunding.

The “Student Residence, Santa Elena” is integrated to the secondary school project built in the same locality, allowing access to education to students from the most remote communities of the central jungle. It has been developed through a participatory process in two stages. The first, the construction of the residence in 2019 and the second, its expansion in 2023. It is expected that the project can continue to grow as student demand increases.

The architectural and structural design is systemic and modular, in anticipation of a future expansion and the design follows bioclimatic principles to guarantee environmental comfort, ensuring constant ventilation and natural lighting.
The building is built up of a wooden structure with a light roof and minimal habitable modules – the cabins – whose OSB walls divide and define the space. Each cabin opens to the common area of the residence from a sliding door that connects to the hallway. The hallway is equipped with tables and chairs, becoming an extension of the rooms and a common living space, offering different levels of privacy: from the individual to the collective.


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