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World Bamboo


Location: Native community Jerusalén de Miñaro, Pangoa, Satipo, Junín, Peru.
Year: 2017
Workshop and Construction cost: 20,000 USD.
Funding: Volcafe, CPS – Comunitá promozione e sviluppo, TiEmmelettronica, Bosch Arquitectos, Doppiacotta, MAT, Marta Anducas, Private donors.

PARQUEBAMBU has been developed in parallel with the construction of Jerusalen de Miñaro primary school, through a design and construction workshop, being the result of the collective work of the participants and the community.

The park consists of two modules: in both, vertical sticks recall the native game “palo resbaloso”, a competition consisting of climbing a tree trunk. Other bamboos join diagonally the vertical sticks reinforcing the structure and tying it unitarily, forming “multipurpose ladders” in twisted spiral. In addition, the second module is characterized by three platforms that provide shaded and rest spaces.

Used materials are bamboo canes, palm leaves for the cover and the bark of a tree called sachahuasca for moorings. Big stones, previously found in the terrain, were used for foundations.

PARQUEBAMBU is an unconventional playground that provides children a space of freedom and fantasy. A model of intervention made possible through collective action, from funding to the design and construction process involving students and architects from different countries, neighbours and children, which represented a complete inter-learning experience.

To find out more:
Construction workshop video