Nursery School, Los Ángeles de Edén

Location: Los Ángeles de Eden, Mazamari-Pangoa, Satipo, Junín, Peru.
Year: 2014
Build area: 125 m2
Architecture: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible + Paulo Afonso.
Funding: Costa Foundation.

The school is located in Los Angeles of Eden, in the Selva Central region of Peru. The project was a challenge due to a limited budget and social conflict over the demarcation of boundaries between the districts of Mazamari and Pangoa.

The school consists of two classrooms, lavatories for children and teachers, a small kitchen, and a covered, multipurpose patio. On the south side of the lot a playground was built using recycled materials, such as used tires and rods left over from construction.

Handmade clay bricks were used to construct the walls and the structure is made of reinforced concrete. There is one covered eave made from of wooden beams, a ceiling of crushed cane (made by children and parents), and a corrugated roof of microcement. The windows are pivoting and multicoloured.

The construction of the school has been carried out thanks to the work of master builders and the local citizens, while the playground and stairway of tires was completed by generous volunteers and neighbours during a workshop.

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