Technological and Environmental Laboratory, Mencoriari

Location: Mencoriari Native community, Pangoa, Junín, Perú.
Year: 2022
Build area: 134 m2 of construction (Classroom) 51 extension and renovation (Toilets)
Architecture and management: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible.
Funding: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development – Germany


The project: “Mencoriari Technological and Environmental Laboratory” is located in the native community of Mencoriari, in Peru’s central jungle. It has created an educational space which is an alternative to traditional classrooms. The proposal was developed though a classroom workshop, and a space that preserves knowledge about plants and the forest that is thousands of years old. The project fuses architectural areas with pedagogical areas with the objective of promoting spaces adapted to the location. These spaces promote teaching which focuses on the value of the jungle and its environmental and cultural worth. The project also helps the school’s graduates be better prepared to take to local job offers.

Through participatory workshops with the students and their families, we define the role of the new infrastructure in the community as a multipurpose space for various public uses.

The module is in the shape of a large, open covering, his shape follows the silhouette of the mountain and the building’s openings frame the forest. Towards the school classrooms, was developed as an “open classroom”, a covered square that frames its entrances with benches that border the building. Finally, there is a greenhouse which serves as a room to dry plants and contains a rainwater harvesting system called CASA (Ciudades Auto-Sostenibles Amazónicas or Self-Sustaining Amazon Cities).


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