Primary School in Jerusalén de Miñaro

Location: Jerusalén de Miñaro, Pangoa (Peru) – 2016-2017
Built area: 1,000 m2 (built area) + 269 m2 (remodeling area)
Project direction: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible
Funding: Costa Foundation
Promoter: Volcafe Speciality Peru (VSP) Generaciones

The school is located in the native community of Jerusalen de Miñaro, in the Central Jungle of Peru. The project was possible thanks to the power of cooperative work and was executed using participatory research, workshops, design, and construction. This process was the basis for the exchange of knowledge and experience.

For the architecture, we proposed a bioclimatic design using local resources in accordance with safety and construction regulations. In addition, we proposed versatile spaces for unspecified use that encourage freedom and creativity.

The corridors and patios connected to the classrooms form circuits and routes of play and fantasy for the child. The children use the walls to climb on, the wooden divisions as hiding places, and the windows as chairs. The multifunctional module and the patios can be adapted for various activities, such as community meetings, parties, and public and sports events.

Finally, the school provides quality educational spaces and serves as a social catalyst, creating opportunities for all.