The rural school in the Peruvian Amazon 1

Funding: Volcafe Speciality Peru (VSP) Generaciones
Project: Research.
Location: Cajamarca, San Martín and Junín, Peru.
Year: 2015
Funding: Volcafe Speciality Peru (VSP) Generaciones.
Development: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible.
Team:Marta Maccaglia, Marta Anducas.

This research project is the fruit of an experienced, mature professional team made up of two associations, VSP Generaciones (VSP) and Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Semillas).

This research project begins with a situational diagnosis of the Peruvian national reality in general (geographic, historical, demographic, political, and socioeconomic) and education that permits the reader to situate Peruvian reality.

In the second part, we complete a Case Study: VSP + Semillas, in which we present a summary of developed projects to date. For each project (Chuquibambilla, Mazaronkiari, Los Ángeles de Eden and Santa Elena), we describe the achievements, difficulties, and lessons learned.

The following point details the problems detected to present day by completing an Analysis of the Problem on the national, rural, and education level, its causes, and consequences.

The fourth part includes the completion of an analysis to propose our Strategic Planning of action and project development, which is divided into three phases: identification, intervention, and follow-up.

The conclusion is about the definition of intervention methods proposed by Semillas.