Re-discovering my neighborhood, Huaycan

Location: Zn. K, Huaycan, Ate, Lima (Peru) – 2016
Organized by: CPS Comunità Promozione e Sviluppo, Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible
Cooperation: Foundation Solidaridad Esperanza Anna Margottini, As. Coordinadora de la Ciudad en Construcción (CCC)
Funding: CPS Comunità Promozione e Sviluppo
General Coordinator: Javier Vera
Interinstitutional Coordinator: Marta Maccaglia
Workshop Facilitator and CPS volunteers: Martina Uda, Giuliana Miglierina

“Re-discovering my neighborhood” is a project which valorizes the public space in the Zona K of Huaycán (in the East suburbs of Lima) through the eyes and actions of the children.

Through the free spirit of children and the use of their imagination and creativity, an entirely new environment can be created in an abandoned space. This potential becomes a problem if the social difficulties and the habitat are not managed integrally, and therefore the streets become a neglected place, a place for marginalized groups to escape.

Indeed, different experiences all over the world have demonstrated that it is possible to work with kids and make them a key for development.

Throughout this first workshop we tried to give the children knowledge and practical instruments to develop their relationship with the public space. This allowed them to contribute to the new vision for their neighborhood with the help of their imagination and urban memory.

The workshop was divided into 4 different sessions, complemented by a field trip across the city of Lima. In each session we balanced theory and practical exercises, mixing the ludic and reflexive approach, by using different techniques (drawings, scale models, words, oral expression, existential routines) and multidisciplinary references (as literature, movies, photography, architecture philosophy).