Escuela Territorio, Amazonian region

Award: Winner, Amazonian region.
Project: International competition, “Catalogo de Escuela modulares – Región selva”.
Location: Amazonian region, Peru.
Year: 2019

“Escuela territorio” is an integrated proposal of educational infrastructure that seeks to bridge the gap in educational infrastructure through systemic and modular design. It adapts to the urban areas of the 5 climatic regions in Peru: the coast, the rainy coast, the mountains, the cold mountains and the rain forest.The proposal is based on three pillars: Nature, The Community (socio-cultural and economic realities), and Identity (world view and traditions). The design strategies are based on the following points:
– Multipurpose pedagogical spaces in which all surfaces are pedagogical. Walls, floors, hallways, furniture, and other spaces transform according to the needs of the school.
– Adaptable and progressive design: the design allows horizontal growth through the addition of modules (single and double hallways) and vertical growth via connectors.
– Structural rationality and manufacturing: pre-built structures and modules made of steel and wood that allow for greater flexibility in case of enlargement.
– Passive and bioclimatic design: hallways are oriented facing north and south. If the lot does not allow this, features to block the sun are used.
– Sustainability and comfort: The school is a catalog of biodiversity and aids in conservation. It provides passive comfort using cross ventilation and the chimney effect, as well as technology such as solar panels. The storage of rain water and the recycling of construction material reduce its ecological footprint.


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