Allin Kawsay – (Un)Learn from a rural focus, The territory of Andean knowledge

Location: Valle de la laguna Piuray, Cuzco.
Year: 2022
Promoted by: Red Arquitectura
Teachers: Marta Maccaglia, Iraida Aliaga

The project, “The Territory of Andean Knowledge” preserves ancestral knowledge. Learning is based on the sacred relationship between human beings and Pachamama. Delving into the territorial analysis, a map was developed identifying the knowledge that could be saved from the territory and its inhabitants, generating 6 “paths.”

1.The path of knowledge about Andean art
2.The path of knowledge about archaeology
3.The path of knowledge about Mother Earth
4.The path of knowledge about Unu Mama
5.The path of knowledge about Tiyakuy
6.The path of knowledge about local construction

In the end, unused buildings have been identified and plans are in place to remodel them using 3 bioclimatic strategies. 1. The implementation of mechanisms to capture heat in roofs. 2. Trombe walls. 3. Improving the walls with a covering of mud. Of the identified buildings, two educational pilot projects were planned. The first project consists of the repurposing of a community center. It was converted into an agricultural and livestock school as part of the path of knowledge about Pachamama. The second one is an abandoned school. The proposal was to transform it into an educational textile production center, as part of the path of knowledge about Unu Mama.

This project was made possible by the dialogue between the students of the workshop and the inhabitants. A non-traditional educational plan was proposed: a school directed toward its territory and its people, which values and creates knowledge thanks to its living heritage.