Training Clinic, Renovation of university building.

Location: Carr. Panamericana Sur 19, Villa EL Salvador 15067
Year: Competition 2021
Architecture: Plan A 0100
Team: Michele Albanelli, Jorge Losada, Marta Maccaglia, Mario Ricci (Architecture). Akemi Cabrejo, Jahir Velezmoro, Daysi La Madrid, Carlos Vasquez, Juan Pereyra Salinas (Collaborators)

The “training clinic” building, at the Villa headquarters of the Universidad Cientifica Del Sur, is located in the costal region of Lima Sur, part of the swamp nature preserve of Villa. The requirements of the competition include the remodeling of the building’s façade and interior patio. The proposed project values the unique background of the building, where architecture and landscape are considered together. It also highlights the scientific and human character of the Universidad Cientifica Del Sur. The design extends from the paths around the exterior of the building, made of wooden footbridges and decks to the interior patio. It invokes a setting with coastal piers creating a view of the swamps and lagoons of Villa.

Additionally, a “greeting” type of double façade made of metal that will unfold around the building is proposed. The structure, painted light grey, appears light and translucent, allowing one to sense the movements and flow generated by the paths of wooden footbridges. The design of the interior patio is in congruence with the exterior landscape. The wooden footbridges cut through the patio and wrap around creating a second story terrace. The project generates a series of intermediate spaces between the double façade and the building, creating meeting places.