Secondary School, Chuquibambilla

Awards: Selected by the competition “Escuelas innovadoras” for the BID 2018 (Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo), Finalist Award “Oscar Niemeyer” BAQ 2016, Finalist “Building of the year” by Archdaily 2015, Second World Award in the BAQ 2014.
Location: : Native Community Chuquibambilla, Pangoa, Satipo, Junín, Peru.
Year: 2013
Build area: 985 m²
Architecture: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible + Paulo Afonso + Bosch Arquitectos.

The bilingual secondary school located in the native Nomatsiguenga community of Chuquibambilla, aims to provide adequate study conditions for the local youth, as well as provide a place for meeting and for community development.
The school consists of three modules arranged around a central courtyard, the epicenter of the project. In addition to classrooms, the program includes an administrative area and teacher’s room, a multipurpose room, a computer room, and large open and covered spaces, suitable for educational and leisure activities.
The program also incorporates a student residence, which walls off the patio. It has a unique appearance that is more playful and similar to housing.
The construction combines vernacular and modern materials, and introduces new construction systems with local resources. Including local workers facilitated the exchange of knowledge through hands-on experience and enhanced the sense of ownership the residents felt for the building.

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