University Campus Cientifica del Sur, headquarters Los Olivos

Location: Av. Alfredo Mendiola &, Av. 2 de Octubre, Los Olivos 15307, Lima (Perú).
Year: Competition 2019 – Construction 2020-2022
Built Area: 14,649.94 m²
Architecture: Plan A 0100

The project is shaped like a small city and celebrates culture and knowledge. Education occurs traditionally in classrooms and laboratories but also unstructured in the abundant public space.

The campus is located in the district of Los Olivos, north of Lima. It consists of two “baseboard” buildings connected by two tower bridges. The “baseboard” buildings border the north and south sides of the lot creating a central street. The central street has a plaza where the entrances to the hall, cafeteria, library, and auditorium are located. Through a coordinated change of scale, the towers create a dialogue between the neighborhood of Los Olivos and the city of Lima. The laboratories are located in the “baseboard” buildings and the classrooms are in the towers. The project was completed through a constant dialogue with teachers and seeks to meet the educational needs of the students. The result is a campus building on an urban scale. Everything is considered an “ecosystem” of learning. Even the terraces are educational spaces with gardens, vegetable plots and medicinal plants. The design also values common spaces such as the classrooms, plazas, central street, auditorium, library, and system of paths, which encourage meetings and shared experiences.