Community Center, Otica

Location: Native Community of Otica, Rio Tambo, Junín, Peru.
Year: 2019
Build area: 230 m²
Funding: NEMATSA SRL , Native Community of Otica.
Architecture and Management: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible.

The project for the Community Center, or Big House “Atyaro Pankotsi” is located in the native community of Otica, on the banks of the Rio Tambo in the central jungle of Peru. The project has been carried out through participatory workshops and local architecture, compiled from community input.
The building is made up of a strip foundation of stone and cement that rises from the ground to protect against flooding and at the same time works as a grandstand, opening up towards the exterior and towards the interior, generating a space in the shape of a rectangular amphitheater. The portico structure made of wood, supports a gabled roof of fiber cement sheets. This large roof protects from the sun and rain, guaranteeing environmental comfort. Two access plazas, equipped with a bench on its border and a native tree in the middle, indicate the accesses to the local communal space. To the north, a concrete and brick module contains the kitchen, office and craft workshop, which unfolds on two levels. The materials are mostly local: The wood comes from the Otica forests, the stones from the nearby river and the clay bricks from the communities near Otica.

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