Primary and Secondary School, El Huabo

Location: Caserio El Huabo, San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru.
Year: 2019-2022
Build area: 980 m2
Architecture: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible.
Funding: Costa Foundation and Municipality of San Ignacio.

The process of the Alto Anapati school was carried out through participatory workshops, which led to the creation of the school concept: the school as the heart of the community, a place for the preservation of Nomatsigenga knowledge and territory.

The building is located in the access area to the community and is organized in two blocks. On the southwest side is located the block containing the multipurpose room, the administrative area, the kitchen and the toilets. The multipurpose room, a classroom without walls, is directly connected to the “Aula bosque” (forest classroom) – a space designed as an outdoor classroom.  On the east side is the classroom block, which, through large sliding partitions, opens to outdoor areas that are part of the learning space. All the enclosures are designed as dissolving boundaries that connect the interior with the exterior.

Most of the materials used in the project are locally sourced, including wood, clay bricks, river stones – keeping local production alive and in line with the sustainability and maintenance capabilities of the community.


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