Radical Community, Market Post COVID

Location: Mercados Municipales Minorista N°1 y 3 de Febrero, ubicados en el distrito de la Victoria, Lima – Perú
Year: 2019
Promoted by“Ideas en Pandemia”, “Proyecto Perú” junto con la Municipalidad de Lima
Architecture: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible + Tactico

The project “Radical Community” was developed within the framework of the international competition “Ideas en Pandemia” and “Proyecto Peru.” It focused on making a societal contribution towards improving one of the most important markets in Lima. In this case, the subject of the project was the “Mercados Municipales Minorista N°1 y 3 de Febrero” located in the Victoria District of Lima, Peru.

The Radical community project conceptualizes architecture as a product of strategies that generate a system of “progressive self-generation.” It consists of a “guide of self-construction” and a “guide of community action,” based on three fundamental concepts.

Social production of habitats: it starts with a blueprint which is open and generic enough to allow citizens to make it their own, depending on their needs, desires, and imaginations.
Urban Integration: the blueprint is that of a pre-modern city, without zoning or segregation. Everything is continuous and homogeneous; it proposes a new model of urbanism which breaks barriers to unite city and citizens.
Collaborative and communal: Understanding the existing dynamics of the city and applying them to a market, with the ability of its members to self-organize into groups.

Under these principles, the project aims to be a replicable model of markets that respond to the specific needs of the location. This generates a process which recognizes the complexity and diversity of the area’s social, cultural, and economic makeup. Its management and self-construction are all organized through “guides of community action.”

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