How to identify projects? Who? Why? How?

“Architect that I’ve known for many years, can my community have a project?”

We have heard the above phrase many times over these past years. Favoritism exists, caused by the lack of policies for the identification of projects, strategic plans, and proper diagnoses. This has generated and normalized mechanisms that we consider “sick” within our society. With the aim to democratize, and work with communities from the very first step, we decided to promote the contest ESCUELAS CON FUTURO. This contest is open to educational institutions under the jurisdiction of UGEL PANGOA, which allows us to identify schools to work together with.   

The winning schools in the first edition of Escuelas con Futuro are: the Initial School in the C.N. Chuquibambilla and the secondary school in the C.N. Alto Chichireni.

Chuquibambilla Initial School

This project aims to generate access to quality education for the child population of the native community of Chuquibambilla, as well as to provide a safe meeting space for their entire community. The project consists of the construction of an initial school composed of 3 classrooms, kitchen-dining room, multipurpose room, management / administration room, and patio. This is the construction of a school based on community participation and the formalization of local knowledge, which generates spaces to care for children, allowing mothers and fathers to complete domestic and work activities.

Chichireni Secondary School

The project consists of the construction of the Chichireni secondary school, a new educational space that allows the integral development of young people and their native community. It consists of 5 classrooms, 1 laboratory / SUM, management / administrative room, toilets, library, and kitchen. The reality that these young people face at the end of their studies is a lack of opportunities to develop their life projects in their community. This forces them to migrate to the city. Faced with this situation, this school is selected to develop a participatory pilot project of a technical school with a vision of entrepreneurship that strengthens local activities.

We need your help to carry out these projects! If you are a foundation or company, write to us at info@semillasperu.com and we will tell you about the advantages of supporting these projects.