The rural school in the Peruvian Amazon 2

Project: Research.
Location: Cajamarca, San Martín and Amazonas, Peru.
Year: 2019
Funding:Volcafe Speciality Peru (VSP) Generaciones.
Development:Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible.
Team: Marta Maccaglia, Raúl Arancibia, Laura Alard, Marta Anducas, Auriane Bonnault (Redaction and edition), José Luis Díaz Arévalo (Revision).

The research seeks to identify intervention and prioritization strategies for the construction of our educational infrastructures in the rural areas of the Cajamarca, Amazons and San Martin regions. The document is organized into 4 chapters: the first section is dedicated to the territorial, geographical and historical landscape of the departments under study and further includes reports on socio-territorial conflicts present in these areas. The second section analyzes the society, rural in particular, in the context of the coffee growers of the analyzed areas and principally emphasizes the provinces of San Ignacio, Jaén and Cutervo in Cajamarca Department. The third chapter focuses on an analysis of the educational context, with an emphasis also on San Ignacio, Jaén and Cutervo, inquiring about the state of the infrastructure and its relation to school performance.
Finally, the fourth chapter is dedicated to a global analysis of the problem, with a broad and multifactorial perspective. It includes the methodology developed by Asociación Semillas to identify and prioritize the projects to be developed. This section concludes with final reflections that address the problem beyond numbers, to consider the people behind each project.