Master Plan, Cientifica del Sur (Villa Headquarters).

Location: Carr. Panamericana Sur 19, Villa EL Salvador 15067
Year: Competition 2021
Architecture: Plan A 0100
Team: Michele Albanelli, Jorge Losada, Marta Maccaglia, Mario Ricci (Architecture) Juan Pereyra Salinas (Collaborator)
Client: Científica del Sur

The Universidad Científica del Sur Campus is located in south Lima between the city and the ocean, on the border of the natural protected area of Los Pantanos de Villa.

The methodology applied to the development of the master plan began with understanding the perceptions and imaginations of its users and with contextual and urban research. One of the foundations for the diagnostic analysis was a long-term goal: restoring the campus with respect to its landscaping. This included restoring the wetlands by planting species native to its ecosystem. We also propose consolidating and transforming the current parking areas into a nature preserve. We also propose moving all vehicle traffic outside the campus, restoring the interior’s pedestrian character. Using overlooks (which will be like study rooms), we want to set up views of the natural surroundings: the wetland and of the ocean. Finally, we wish to improve both the bioclimatic conditions of the campus and the use of the existing buildings.

The project attends to the functional needs and specific aesthetics of the campus, and the meets the global criteria for sustainability. It aims to restore the area’s biodiversity and raise awareness of the importance of it as an environmental and educational resource.