Nursery School, Alto Anapati

Location: Native Community of Alto Anapati, Pangoa, Satipo, Peru.
Built Area350 m²
Architecture: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible.

The current school was founded in 2008 and consisted of provisional classrooms built by fathers of local families. The school is currently in dangerous conditions.
For this reason a project for a new nursery school in the indigenous community of Nomatchiguenga de Alto Anapati is proposed. The school will accommodate more than 50 students aged 3 to 5 years.
The proposal consists of 3 classroom modules with bathrooms, one module to serve as a multipurpose classroom, and an administrative module with bathrooms and a kitchen.
The classroom is a multipurpose “pedagogical nucleus.” All surfaces are pedagogical: walls, floors, and hallways. The furniture is versatile and can be configured in distinct ways depending on need. Large screens connect to the outdoor spaces: on one side there is pedagogical garden and on the other, hallways that are extensions of the classrooms.
At the entrance an administrative module with a kitchen and bathrooms connects to the SUM. It functions as a “maloca,” a multipurpose architectural space typical in indigenous communities in which a large roof protects from the sun and rain. In this space, a large retaining wall functions as a fence freeing the other façade. This accomplishes our goal of always connecting the children to nature.
The perimeter fence, made of bamboo and covered in vegetation, will be used as a pedagogical and sensory surface.


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