Primary and Secondary School, El Huabo

Location: El Huabo Community, San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Perú.
Project management: Asociación Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible
Funding: Costa Foundation, Municipality of San Ignacio.
Architecture: Semillas – Marta Maccaglia, Susanna Olivieri, Marilisa Galisai.

The first school in El Huabo was founded in 1973 and the first classrooms were built out of wood through the efforts of parents of the community. In 1977, due to the increase in student body, an extension was built. The school is in existence thanks to the work of the parents who year after year have improved the infrastructure with whatever means they had available. Today, however, the school has a demolition order due to the lack of structural integrity.
As a result of this, the new primary and secondary school project for El Huabo is born, which will receive more than 150 students. The project proposal consists of 2 blocks of classrooms, one for the primary school and one for the secondary school located to the north and south of the school grounds, respectively, along with a multi-purpose module connected to two pedagogical gardens. The proposed model of classrooms connect, thanks to large screens, to the exterior. The hallways are usable spaces and are furnished with benches and exhibition walls. The multi-purpose module opens fully to the two large gardens, each for the primary and secondary schools.
The design proposal and the management of the project have been carried out thanks to the cooperation between the school community, the district municipality, Semillas Association, Vsp Generaciones, and the project will become a reality thanks to funding from the Costa Foundation and the Municipality of San Ignacio.

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