Learn Rural – Secondary schools with residence in the Awajún communities

Project: Research.
Location: Cenepa, Condorcanqui, Amazonas, Peru.
Year: 2018
Client:: MINEDU (Education Ministry of Peru), DISER (Directorate of Educational Services in Rural Areas).
Development: Asociacion Semillas para el Desarrollo Sostenible + Construye Identidad.

The research “Learn rural – Secondary schools with Residence in the Awajún communities” is a commission from the Ministry of Education of Peru developed in the native community of Huampami in the El Cenepa District in the Department of Amazonas.
Prepared in conjunction with “ConstruyeIdentidad”, it proposes the development of strategies in accordance with the territory and its population for the execution of a pilot project that can provide quality educational spaces and habitat for the Awajún community.
The document is divided into two main parts. The first is a situational diagnosis that explains the context of the intervention area divided into three main themes: Awajún society, Cenepa district and educational framework. The second section develops a comprehensive intervention proposal which seeks to improve the quality of life and educational level of the Huampami school community using strategies that complement the improvement of educational spaces with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to work, based on a participatory methodology that covers 4 fundamental axes of work and action: infrastructure, social-psychological, communicational and educational.